How to Win With Astra in Valorant

Valorant’s heavenly regulator Astra is hard to dominate, yet she’s very remunerating when utilized suitably. In high ELO games, Astra can be the distinction creator when all else comes up short.

Astra has been essential for Valorant convention throughout recent months, however, she’s still seldom seen in positioned games. Her high expectation to learn and adapt makes her an uncommon pick in low ELO games, yet proficient players like to run the regulator. Her unit is befuddling, yet it very well may be a distinct advantage in the right hands.

Utilizing Astra’s stars to dominate matches

To try not to land targeted by adversaries in your Astral structure, it’s prescribed to put stars toward the start of the round. In the event that you’re playing on the assault, speak with your duelists. Place a star on an anticipated setting up camp spot and actuate a Gravity Well (C) to take out the adversary for your duelist. You can likewise put stars towards the protector’s point and other open regions and sprout them into smokes (E).

Astra is relatively more straightforward to play on protection. Toward the start of the round, place stars on the section, everything being equal. Possibly blossom smokes when your partners have sound prompts. Recall your unused stars and save them for some other time when you’re pivoting towards the area of the assault.

Astra matches well with practically all specialists. Assuming that your group has a Killjoy, Raze, or Brimstone, pair your Nova Pulse (Q) or pull with their harm delivering capacities. For instance, adversaries will bargain additional harm from Raze’s nade when they’re attracted by the well or paralyzed.


Ghanian specialist Astra is probably the hardest specialist to play in Valorant, however, when dominated, she rapidly becomes one of the most mind-blowing regulator specialists in the whole game. Her capacity to control the whole guide regardless of where she is found is unmatched in Valorant. You can concuss, smoke, and pull in foes from the direct inverse side of the guide effortlessly, similarly as long as you most likely are aware you’re in a protected spot yourself. While Astra may be staggeringly solid, she certainly takes some becoming acclimated to, so here are a few hints and deceives to prevail while playing Astra.

Comprehend Astral Form

Astra is tied in with the setting and reviewing Stars. Dissimilar to different specialists, all of Astra’s capacities should be set in her Astra Form for them to be usable. While this might appear to be interesting from the get-go, dominating rapidly entering your Astral Form, setting Stars, and leaving to get back in the battle is fundamental for Astra players.

There are obviously the default spots you ought to put Stars for smokes, yet Astra likewise dominates at involving her Astral Form in predicaments. For instance, assuming you sense a rush coming to B site on Ascent, don’t be hesitant to rapidly change to Astral Form and spot Stars to concuss and pull the adversaries in and stop their rush.

Openness is of the utmost importance

Astra is way harder to play in the event that you’re not conversing with your group. As an Astra player, hope to hear calls each round requesting smokes and pulls to help your group enter or shield. It is likewise urgent to speak with your group about what will be smoked off for them as they make their pushes. Be certain that you and your group commonly concur that you will be the final remaining one more often than not, as losing Astra utility is unfavorable to around. A brilliant and exact play is critical to Astra however when dominated, you’ll see that Valorant is more straightforward than at any other time.

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