Monark – How to login to the computer in the club building

Subsequent to purifying the principle working in Monark’s initial part, you’re given free rein to get to the following three sections in the request you need. Whenever you wind up examining the homicides in the club working with Shinya Yuda, you could end up befuddled by a PC requesting log in data. Our aide will assist you with overcoming this bothersome area.

The second floor of the club building houses a couple of rooms, one of which has a PC with a login ID and secret phrase. The two fields should be filled in to advance through the story. The login ID is 020201012, and the secret phrase is 0527.

To know how we ran over the response, this floor is loaded up with notes from an understudy named Tsutomu Kaneko. One letter makes reference to how indistinguishable he is from his sweetheart, though another states that her birthday is a date he will always remember.


To gain both Tsutomu’s understudy ID number and his better half’s birthday, you want to enroll in their profiles. Use the stairwell to the fog on the main floor. The NPC before the blue entryway just to one side is Tsutomu. Approach him to start a discussion, which enlists his data.

His sweetheart, Mirai Oromo, is found at the impasse just close to Tsutomu. She’ll have locked herself inside the room presented underneath before the schoolbags. Approach the way to get her to talk with the goal that her data is enrolled.

Once signed in to the PC, you’ll secure proof that Tsutomu is really a stalker. Return the first floor and defy him with the proof. A short time later, return to Mirai to illuminate her that her stalker is gone, permitting you to get to this segment’s cell tower on a similar floor.

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