Monark – What is the Password to the Roof of the First Year Building?

While going through Monark’s story, you’ll ultimately end up working with Kokoro Surugadai, the pactbearer of sloth. You’re entrusted with exploring the bizarre events in the grounds’ first year building. Our aide will assist you with breaking through to this current area’s cell tower.

The secret word is “secret key.” We’re completely serious. An NPC obstructs your way toward the cell tower that houses the main year building’s last significant fight. Rather than being given a progression of choices or a number cushion, you need to type the code out utilizing a console. In the wake of entering the secret word, you’re allowed to go through.

To know how we reached this resolution, you really want to zero in on the two storage spaces on the rooftop. The codes to the two of them are inordinately difficult to miss since conversing with the NPCs close to every storage prompts Kokoro to give the response.

Every storage has various forms of a similar note. One cycle is sprinkled with a periodic image instead of letters, in the interim, the other note is in standard English. There’s a seat close to the furthest limit of this rooftop way to one side of the NPC shutting your advancement that hands out the secret phrase in image structure.

Making an interpretation of the images to letters by cross-referring to the first note gives us a “secret phrase” as the response.

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