Right Airpod Not Charging Solved

Is it safe to say that you are confronting accusing issues of your Right Airpod? In the event that indeed, you have come to the perfect location. Here, we will assist you with fixing the accusing issue happening on your right airpod.

There are various methodologies that you can follow in the event that your right airpod not charging. We have incorporated some of them here. In this way, with practically no further ado, we should begin.

Reset Your Airpod to Factory Settings

The primary technique that you can follow is to reset your AirPods to the plant settings. This approach fixes practically every one of the issues happening with your AirPods. Follow the means in the aide referenced underneath to reestablish your AirPods’ usefulness.

  • Begin by putting both AirPods in their charging case and snapping the cover shut.
  • Following 30 seconds, eliminate the charging case’s cover and eliminate the battery.
  • Explore the Settings application on your iOS gadgets, like an iPhone or an iPad.
  • Select Bluetooth starting from the drop menu, and afterward click the “More Info/I” choice that shows up close to your AirPods’ name.
  • Presently, select “Fail to remember this Device” and affirm your choice by tapping it a subsequent time. As such, you have effectively taken out the AirPods from the matching rundown on your Apple iPhone.
  • An ‘Arrangement’ button is situated on the rear of the charging case. Press and hold this button for 15 seconds to follow through with the responsibility. At the point when the status marker starts to streak golden and afterward white, press and hold the button for a couple of moments.

Your AirPods have now been reset to their industrial facility settings. Interface the AirPods to the power supply and verify whether the right AirPod has started to charge.

Be that as it may, the situation can accept various turns too. For example, remember that after you have followed the reset interaction and the LED sign on your Airpods streaks white then they have not been reset. The LED sign ought to be orange. This issue can likewise be settled so your AirPods can be reset. Follow these means:

  • On your iPhone, go to the ‘Settings menu. Tap ‘General’ and afterward ‘Reset‘ to begin once again.
  • Select ‘Reset network settings‘ starting from the drop menu. Progress forward to the following stage to finish the strategy.
  • Unpair and eliminate the AirPods from your iPhone or iPad’s matching rundown by choosing them from the matching menu.
  • At last, rehash the interaction depicted above for the subsequent time.
  • Reach out to Apple and get the batteries supplanted.

On the off chance that your right AirPod is as yet not charging, the left one is, almost certainly, the battery has passed on. That the left AirPod had the option to be charged effectively recommends that the charging case and going with frill are in great working request.

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