Shortage: Apple would favor iPhone production over iPad production

The holiday season is fast approaching and the production of the iPhone 13, hit by the shortage of components, is lagging behind. When announcing Apple’s latest financial results, Tim Cook said he was doing everything possible to ensure that supply caught up with demand as quickly as possible. According to Nikkei, this involves a reallocation of resources: Apple has reduced the production of certain models of iPad in order to recover certain components that can be used for the assembly of the iPhone. Apple would have produced half as many iPads as expected over the past two months.

The most affected iPad model would be the iPad mini 6, which shares its Apple A15 chip with the iPhone 13: there is now more than a month of waiting to get this new model following a purchase. on the Apple Store (it is sometimes shorter than some resellers ). However, we should expect higher delays on other models, the processor is not the only component affected. Apple has also warned that the shortage of components will intensify during the next quarter.

As for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, the deadlines today range from two weeks to one month on the Apple Store., which can put off some customers: those who hesitate are likely to opt for another creamery, especially as the holidays approach. IPad users, often already equipped with an iPhone, are already on the hook and are undoubtedly considered less strategic for the moment.

If you are shopping for the holidays, be sure to check the deadlines well in advance – you could be surprised. In this regard, Apple has just put in place exceptional deadlines for any product returns: any purchase made from Apple between November 1, 2021, and December 25, 2021, can be returned until January 8, 2022, inclusive.

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