Sifu – How to Unlock the Club’s Fire Chest

In spite of the fact that Sifu is principally a brawler that needs you to zero in on battling a close unending inventory of foes and five staggeringly troublesome supervisors, that is not everything you’ll do during your playthrough.

You’ll likewise be attempting to finish up each level’s Detective Board. Albeit the greater part of the things are really clear and simply expect you to check out somewhat, a couple of the things on there are seriously difficult. One of the primary things that will cause some trouble is the Fire Box that can be found at The Club level.

How to Find The Fire Box In Sifu


The main thing you will need to do is track down the Fire Chest. Considering The Club is Sifu’s hardest level, that will be a sufficient test all alone! Around partially through The Club, you must go through certain preliminaries, which are essentially only a couple of rooms of foes. Whenever you’ve crushed the foe with the staff, you’ll need to go through an area that is ablaze to arrive at the last stage before the chief.

While going through this area, you’ll see a little region that you can really head inside. Get around the counter to track down the Fire Chest. You’ll be informed that you can’t open it, and that implies you’ll have to observe the relating Fire Key.

How to Find The Fire Key In Sifu

This is the place where things get somewhat convoluted. To get going the inquiry, you’ll have to get to the game’s third mission, The Museum. You’ll have to arrive at the third floor of the gallery and go facing the adversary with the staff who is taking a gander at a portion of the displays. Rout her and you’ll be given another thing on the Detective Board, the Club Code.

As you would figure, this is a clue to return to The Club. The entryway you’re searching for is on the left of the fundamental stage, close to the entryway where two foes will constantly burst through and attempt to assault you. Open the entryway involving the Club Code and you’ll wind up in a fresh out of the box new region. Rout every one of the adversaries that you view as in here to open the Fire Key.

Presently you simply need to advance back to the Fire Box and open it utilizing your key. Inside you’ll track down one more thing for the Detective Board, an image of Sean’s Father. Considering the means you’ll have to have taken to get this thing, it’ll probably be the last piece you want to finish the board out and out.

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