Sony is spending $1.2 billion to retain Bungie staff

This week is computer game industry income report week, and that implies we get a feeling of how well every one of the significant stages is doing, as Nintendo Switch surpassing the Wii and that Sony can’t make enough PlayStation 5 control center.

Among the news, one little piece seen in Sony’s profit report was the means by which the organization will apportion the $3.6bn it spent on securing Bungie.

In the report, Sony gauges that around 33% of the cash will be utilized for “conceded installments to worker investors, restrictive upon their proceeded with business, and other maintenance motivating forces” (much obliged, TweakTown).

Sony’s obtaining of Bungie is the insight about the week, with more data coming out day by day. Facilitating the organization’s arrangement to involve Bungie as a method for helping their live assistance games, Sony has affirmed in a new income report that it intends to utilize 33% of the $3.6 billion dollars on the maintenance of current representatives.

These reports come from an FY Q3 2021 report from Sony itself, laying out the Bungie obtaining in more monetary detail.


As Bungie is a privately owned business, a considerable lot of the offers are possessed by existing workers, which Sony desires to boost their maintenance over the long haul, paying “sums over a time of quite a while.” The organization intends to pay out 66% of the $1.2 billion (generally $800 million) within the initial two years of the finalizing of the negotiation. The sums paid to representatives are restrictive, based on their proceeded with work at Bungie.

The income report likewise affirms that Bungie will stay an autonomous distributer, regardless of being a piece of SIE. This is additionally credited to the achievement of God of War getting basic and monetary accomplishment on PC when it was delivered half a month prior. Sony desires to gain new clients and increment commitment on stages other than PlayStation.

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