What Does the Campfire Change in Dead Cells?

Dead Cells contains various secret Easter Eggs and References that you can find across numerous playthroughs – going from other independent games to notable symbols stowing away in the haphazardly produced territory.

During your excursion through the different biomes in Dead Cells, you might run over a mystery room containing a pit fire. Honoring the game Dark Souls, this “huge fire” can be refreshed at – however when you do, the room starts to shake, and your personality says, “Well. Something’s changed.” If you’re interested to know what this impact is, look no further: this is what the open air fire changes in Dead Cells.

Dead Cells

There are really three articles in the mystery room that ought to be collaborated with – a carcass that surrenders an arbitrary thing and some gold, a message that unmistakably shows the message “GIT GUD” (an image from the game Dark Souls, where players griping about trouble would get told to “improve” rather than grumbling,) lastly the open air fire. While unverified, cooperating with every one of the three might expand your possibilities of getting a rewarding impact.

That reward impact is the bringing forth of a bowman outside of the mystery room that drops roughly 50 Cells. There are reports of it not producing intermittently from different players, persuading numerous to think that you should communicate with each of the three mystery room objects to expand your chances. The actual bowman isn’t especially hazardous – it’s not extraordinary or an Elite horde, so you can basically kill it to recover your prize.

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