What Was Howie Mandel’s Deleted Video on TikTok?

A video of America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel was deleted from the TikTok app on Tuesday, and many people were left wondering, “What was it?” Mandel’s account has more than 9.9 million followers and is known for reacting to funny videos posted on the internet.

Rectal prolapse

Rectal prolapse is a condition where a part of your body slides out of position. This can happen to your rectum, where the large intestine slides out of the anus. The cause is unknown, but doctors can repair a prolapsed rectum using surgery. After a patient has undergone this surgery, the rectum can usually return to its original position.

Recently, a video showing a prolapsed anus was posted by Americas Got Talent judge Howie Mandel on TikTok. The video had over nine million followers and 2.8 million views before it was deleted. Mandel has not made any public acknowledgement of his condition or apologized for the video. But the video’s shocking images have gone viral on Twitter.

After it was published, the video received negative feedback from users. It also trended on Twitter, and Mandel’s account has received nine million followers. Since then, Mandel has deleted the video and has not responded to the controversy. Meanwhile, his social media followers were left to fend for themselves.

Some people on Twitter wondered why Mandel posted the video, while others criticized him for posting such a graphic image. The video has caused many to wonder why TikTok did not remove it. However, the TikTok website does have a strict policy against sharing videos that show injury or open wounds. In addition, the site has guidelines regarding the banning of accounts that upload content that violates its terms. If a video is posted in violation of these guidelines, TikTok will report the video to legal authorities.

The video was up for several hours before being deleted. It had received almost three million views. Many people were shocked by the graphic content and wondered how the comedian posted such a video without being penalized. The comedian has not yet commented on the TikTok video and has not replied to the comments left on his recent post. However, people who want to see the video can find it on YouTube and Twitter.

America’s Got Talent judge’s deleted video

Many fans are expressing their dismay over the video that Howie Mandel has deleted from his TikTok account. The comedian is one of the top judges on the American reality show, The Amazing Race. He is also a comic book author, screenwriter, producer, director, and businessman. He has nearly nine million followers on Twitter and nearly 180 million on his TikTok page.

Mandel’s video was a NSFW clip that appeared on TikTok. He deleted the video shortly after it went viral, and the video has since been removed from the social networking site. Many users have been shocked by the video, which contained an image of a rectal prolapse. A number of users have expressed their disappointment and even expressed the view that the video should have a trigger warning.

Mandel has a substantial presence on the social networking site, appearing in many of David Dobrik’s vlogs back in the day. His own account has over 9 million followers and is known for his occasional humorous hijinks on his profile. Nonetheless, there’s no way to know why he removed the video, but it is likely due to the backlash the post received.

Despite the controversy, the video remained up for several hours before being taken down. In the meantime, it trended on Twitter, with 9.8 million followers. And, it trended on NBC News, where a reporter tweeted about it. The video has reportedly gained over 3 million views before Mandel removed it from his account.

The Howie Mandel TikTok Prolapse Video is a viral video that has taken the internet by storm. It was deleted by TikTok after TikTok officials realized the video was graphic. It has already been seen by thousands of people, including celebrities. And Mandel is just one of many TikTok users who are making headlines.

The video remained up on TikTok for several hours before being taken down. As of Wednesday morning, it had gained over three million views. However, many people have argued that the video was inappropriate for the platform. Some Twitter users even criticized Mandel for sharing a graphic image. The video has gone viral on the social networking site, with the comedian’s name trending across Twitter.

Describes rectal prolapse

Mandel has been in the news lately after his deleted video on the TikTok app about rectal prolapse went viral. Fans of the comedian were able to see the video in the “For You” page of the app. But the video was deleted in mid-July 2022. After this news broke, many people began to wonder why he would delete it.

Rectal prolapse is a medical condition in which part of the large intestine slides out of its normal position. This condition is very uncomfortable and can result in painful abdominal pain, as the patient has to constantly move the affected part of the body. In some cases, doctors may recommend surgery to put the rectum back into its proper place. The video went viral, and many netizens expressed outrage at the graphic content.

The video’s author, Howie Mandel, explains rectal prolapse. It is a medical disorder that can affect the rectal area or the uterus. Rectal prolapse occurs when the large intestine has fallen out of the anus or descends from its original position.

Although many people were saddened by the video, others were puzzled why Mandel posted the video. One Twitter user asked why individuals would laugh about such a graphic image. Others responded by claiming that the video wasn’t appropriate for public consumption. TikTok has a policy against videos that are graphic and contain injury or open wounds.

A video of a rectal prolapse allegedly uploaded to Howie Mandel’s TikTok account has gone viral, gaining him more than nine million followers and 180 million likes. However, the comedian has yet to disclose his true name or the identity of the friend who posted the video.

There are many videos and reactions on the TikTok account of the comedian. Fans can also view Mandel’s TikTok account to see his reactions to other videos. Many of the videos were edited and filtered. The video also drew the attention of NBC News.

The comic’s TikTok video went viral and has many fans worrying about the comedian’s health. However, many people are left confused over why the video was not removed. It’s difficult to understand why a video of such a graphic nature was so widely shared on social media, but Mandel’s TikTok video is still widely accessible.

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