When is Beidou’s Birthday in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is observing Beidou’s birthday on Valentine’s day. The chief of the Crux has turned into an unmistakable person in the storyline by aiding Ningguang in revamping Liyue’s Jade Chamber. Voyagers will get specific gifts on this favorable event by means of in-game mail. Normally, the gift things will be connected with Beidou’s rising and her cherished dish.

In Genshin Impact, every one of the playable characters has a birthday that gives exceptional awards to explorers over the course of the year. Beidou praises her birthday on February 14, and the birthday mail contains a composed letter by Beidou and a few other unique prizes. You’ll get 10 NoctilucousJades and 1 Flash-Fried Filet.

The Noctilucous Jade is an Ascension Material for Beidou and Yanfei. In the meantime, the Flash-Fried Filet is a food thing that resuscitates a person for 10% of Max HP, then, at that point, reestablishes 150 extra HP. Here is Beidou’s birthday letter:

Beidou’s Birthday Letter

As of late, I chanced upon some Noctilucous Jade of respectable quality, I’ll bring them over to you. I’m not enthusiastic about metal exploration, but rather they sure are marvels.

In my grasp, they are just shaking, yet you can presumably discover some utilization for them. Maybe you can gather them, or make adornments or weapons? Haha, your decision will mirror your desire for metal and I can see your degree of ability.

I’m free today, what about you? In the event that you have time, why not go along with me for a walk?

You don’t have to bring anything, I’ll take care of all costs, same as in the past.

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