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About Mountain Dew

Gamers tensely anticipating the September 25 send off of Halo 3 will currently have the ideal beverage to prepare them for play – Mountain Dew Game Fuel. Made related to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 select title, Halo 3, Game Fuel has a similar Mountain Dew flavor with an impact of citrus cherry and 30% more caffeine for an extraordinary and animating taste. Game Fuel is showing up on store retires today and will be accessible in 20-oz bottles, 2-liter containers, and 12-packs of 12-oz jars through November.

“This is whenever we’ve first made a refreshment for an amusement property, truth be told, we accept this is whenever a soda pop first has been made explicitly for a computer game,” said Frank Cooper, VP of promoting for Mountain Dew. “Microsoft’s Halo 3 is something other than a computer game, it’s turned into a social peculiarity that merits its own unique Mountain Dew augmentation.”

Mountain Dew Game Fuel will be upheld with an advertising effort driven by a public TV ad created by BBDO New York. The TV promotion makes a big appearance today and elements a short clasp from Halo 3. What’s more, an internet based mission guides customers to the Game Fuel webpage – www.mountaindew.com/gamefuel – for more data on the item and Halo 3.

“The forthcoming send off of Halo 3 vows to be the greatest diversion occasion of the year,” said Chris Di Cesare, overseer of imaginative showcasing at Microsoft. “With Pepsi’s send off of Game Fuel, we’re seeing phenomenal help from one of the world’s most grounded shopper brands, and it’s a demonstration of the strength of the Halo establishment.”

“Halo 3,” the last section in the pivotal “Corona” set of three, is set to break the very first moment amusement deals records when it is delivered overall starting Tuesday, Sept. 25. Made by unbelievable designer Bungie Studios and selective to the Xbox 360 computer game and theater setup, “Corona 3” will set another norm for intelligent narrating and social gaming by connecting with customers worldwide in the epic clash of Master Chief™ to save humanity. In November 2004, the perspective of computer games changed everlastingly with the arrival of “Radiance 2,” which created an unprecedented $125 million (U.S.) in deals inside the initial 24 hours and changed the manner in which individuals contemplate intelligent amusement. After three years, it stays the most-played game on Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE® web based gaming and amusement organization, with almost 1 billion hours of web based gaming logged to date.

Mountain Dew is a result of the Purchase, N.Y.- based Pepsi-Cola North America (www.pepsi.com), the reward refreshment unit of PepsiCo, Inc., in the United States and Canada. Pepsi-Cola North America’s different brands incorporate Pepsi, Aquafina, Sierra Mist, IZZE, SoBe, Mug, Tropicana Twister Soda, Tropicana Juice Drinks, Dole and Ocean Spray single-serve juices. The organization additionally makes and markets North America’s top rated prepared to-drink chilled teas and espressos, through joint endeavors with Lipton and Starbucks.

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