Where is the Pawntoon Landmark Location in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1?

In Fortnite Chapter Three, season one, Epic Games has presented a few new goals that can be found around the guide. Some of them are vital in finishing your week by week missions, while others award you important plunder that you can use to overcome your rivals.

One of them is Pawntoon, which has been once again introduced to Fortnite. It’s a little boat that conveys two or three unique chests that incorporate helpful things inside. Getting these things early will hugely work on your possibilities of winning battles. Be that as it may, there’s presently no precise area for Pawntoon.

Tourist spots in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 are known for being anonymous areas that quite often have a place with one specific region of the guide, however, the Pawntoon milestone isn’t one of them. Observing this boat can be a secret, yet there is one method for finding it. When found, players could actually steal from it for some surefire high-esteemed goods. This is what you really want to do to find this treasure-filled boat

The Pawntoon is the main milestone that produces aimlessly, being that it is a boat that is far 100% of the time into the sea. As it changes areas each match, we suggest players check out the guide’s shoreline prior to dropping from the transport to chase it down. On most events, you can find the boat drifting close to the islands on the right half of the guide or in the waters west of Camp Cuddle and Covert Cavern.

There are various prizes you’ll acquire once tracking down it, as well. As far as one might be concerned, visiting the area by requiring a speedboat is one of Week 12’s difficulties, netting you an additional 25,000 XP. Furthermore, the Pawntoon will have something like one IO Supply Chest, a carton that ensures a weapon of Rare-extraordinariness or higher. It will likewise highlight five Slurp Barrels and two customary plunder chests.

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