Where to get Frozen Flame in God of War

God of War has a huge assortment of gear to procure for Kratos, among other significant collectibles like the Frozen Flames. You can update Kratos’ hatchet with Frozen Flames, and there are large numbers of them found all through the principle storyline and in the wake of completing it.

There are a small bunch of assets you’ll have to chase down to further develop your stuff and weapons in God of War. A prominent asset that will take you a lot to find is Frozen Flame. You’ll utilize it to overhaul your Leviathan Ax, an essential weapon you’ll use all through your excursion. Sadly, finding Frozen Flame is really precarious. In this aide, we cover where to get Frozen Flame in God of War to guarantee you’re opening each overhaul accessible to you.

Frozen Flame is viewed as an uncommon asset. You’ll just think that it is through strong fights, and that implies you’ll have to advance and finish manager fights. These are the prominent managers you’ll have to overcome to acquire Frozen Flame.

  • Járn Fótr
  • Magni and Modi
  • The principal Ogre experience

Past these battles, you won’t observe Frozen Flame dropping from different managers. It’s a restricted asset, so observing it will not occur again and again. Be that as it may, there’s an option in contrast to getting this asset during your excursion. You can likewise track down a Frozen Flame by procuring Mist Echoes. These main start showing up after you leave Ivaldi’s Workshop. You really want to get 5,000 Mist Echoes from Nifhelm, the main area they show up, and you can hand those over and secure a Frozen Flame asset. You fundamentally need to do this in the wake of finishing the game.

Strong divine beings need strong weapons. And keeping in mind that the Leviathan Ax in God of War is damn epic, you can make it significantly mightier by redesigning it with Frozen Flame. This must-have asset must be found in a couple of puts in God of War on PS4 and PC. Just a chosen handful of foes will drop it, and you won’t think that it is in standard, or even Legendary, chests.

How to Upgrade the Leviathan Ax in God of War

To redesign the Leviathan Ax in God of War you’ll have to observe Frozen Flames, exceptional uncommon things that can be given to the smithies Brok and Sindri to overhaul the Ax. You don’t have to pay any hacksilver or extra assets, the Frozen Flame is the main thing required. Nonetheless, they’re staggeringly uncommon, with just five across the entire game, every last one of which will build your Ax’s level by one. Beneath we’ll cover where you can track down every one of them while downplaying spoilers.

Frozen Flame Locations

There are five Frozen Flames altogether, spread across the entire game (with one just accessible subsequent to finishing the fundamental story). We’ve shown each of their areas beneath:

  • Waterway Pass Bridge: Found through your first experience with Brok as a component of the principal story, an award for aiding move his horse.
  • Lower regions: After gathering Sindri as you move up the Mountain, you’ll battle a savage as a small chief. The Frozen Flame is compensation for beating it.
  • The Mountain Mine: In the very room as the lift that takes you to the Summit is another savage. Overcoming it will get you one more Frozen Flame.
  • Under the Corpse of Thamur the Giant: As a feature of the primary plot, you’ll have a supervisor battle with two characters toward the finish of the mission, “The Magic Chisel.” You’ll get the Frozen Flame for beating that manager battle.
  • Niflheim: After finishing the fundamental story, Sindri will sell you a Frozen Flame. Notwithstanding, you can get it with a Chilling Mist of Niflheim, a thing found in a chest in the focal point of the Niflheim labyrinth that costs 5000 Mist Echoes to open. When you get the Chilling Mist, you can trade that for the Frozen Flame with Sindri.

Each time your Ax is updated, it’ll build its level by one and lift Kratos’ solidarity, just as expanding Kratos’ general level. It’ll likewise open new capacities based around it. The way that you utilize the Ax as your principle weapon all through the majority of the game means you ought to consistently update it at the earliest opportunity.

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