Where to get the Bloody Rod in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is Smilegate RPG’s MMO, and it includes a huge load of content. There are various collectibles in the game the player can find as they play. Assuming you open your Adventure Tome, you will see explicit things at the top. One of these is the Bloody Rod. You may be wondering where to track down this in Lost Ark.

The newly released massive multiplayer game Lost Ark has gotten players hooked into adventures of fighting monsters and bosses, as they level up and explore the map. There are plenty of special items that are scattered all over the world of Arkesia, which the players will receive as drops as they battle and defeat creatures. There is a lot to explore on every continent in the game map, and some of the items are a little harder to find. This guide will take you through how to find the Bloody Rod in Lost Ark.

For players delving into Lost Ark with a fierceness, the Adventurer’s Tome has likely currently been presented. Including a reiteration of things and materials to gather, alongside merciless adversaries that should be erased from the terrains.

The Bloody Rod is one such thing for the landmass of Rethramis, and it’s a severe collectible to find. The Bloody Rod is the most noteworthy uncommonness of collectible for Rethramis as an Epic, and its drop rate seems to reflect that extraordinariness. The most effective way to observe the Bloody Rod is like different collectibles for the Adventurer’s Tome in Lost Ark.

Toil, drudgery, and toil some more.

Any foe inside the mainland of Rethramis gets an opportunity to drop collectibles. Regardless of whether the foe is found inside prisons, secret prisons, or in the overworld, all foes have dropped collectibles for the Tome. The inquiry is when, and that still can’t seem to be formally replied: with ten hours of cultivating adversaries on the Rethramis landmass, all together for collectibles, the Bloody Rod has not dropped.

Fortunately, as one of the greater extraordinariness levels for the Rethramis landmass Adventurer’s Tome, players will just have to view it as one. Settle in, explorers: this one will take a touch of work to find.

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