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If you’re an aspiring writer, you might have been wondering where to start. You may have heard about Cracked, an online writing site that pays its writers $100 to $200 per article. The site is very active and offers lots of opportunities to create comedy content.

As a writer, you’ll need to join Cracked’s writers’ workshop. This will get you into the loop and allow you to pitch your ideas to Cracked editors. Once you’ve got an idea for an article, you’ll need to explain how it fits into Cracked’s editorial ethos. There are also forums where you can talk to other writers.

Getting your article published at Cracked is no easy feat. In fact, it can take up to a month for an editor to review and accept your article. To get the job done, you’ll need to come up with a funny idea, write it up in a few short sentences, and then submit it to Cracked’s writers’ workshop.

Those who write for Cracked know that they have to spend more time on each article. Editors aren’t shy about pointing out when an article fails to live up to their standards. It’s also very clear that you’ll need to have a strong visual component. When you’re writing your article, you’ll have to make sure to include original images.

If you’re interested in working for Cracked, you should send in a resume, a pitch, and links to previous work. You’ll also need to sign up for their writers’ forum. They have an extremely strict policy about articles that have too much in common with other already-published articles.

Although you’ll probably have to wait a while to see your work in print, Cracked is a great website to gain experience as a writer. Their editor’s are pretty picky and will only accept articles that are well-sourced and accurate.

The downside is that you might have to write for free. While they pay their writers well, it’s difficult to earn much more than the initial $100. That said, if you have a killer idea for a piece and can convince an editor that it is worthy of publication, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to earn some money.

The best way to get a Cracked article published is to find a topic that you’re familiar with and make it as fun and entertaining as possible. You’ll need to be able to explain your ideas in a few short sentences. And, of course, you’ll need to show your perseverance.

For example, if you want to pitch a web development tutorial, you’ll have to provide links to your other work. On the other hand, you can just create a series of hilarious sketches on topics related to comedy.

But if you want to really make your mark, you’ll have to pitch a novel idea. For this, you’ll have to send in an email with a sample of your work, as well as your resume.

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