Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Cyber Dragon Deck Build (Guide 2022)

YU-GI Oh! Master Duel is an incredibly addicting collectible card game from the YU-GI-Oh! Many fans have been impatiently waiting for it, and now that the game is in the public domain, each player wants to quickly take the highest positions in the game, as well as collect as many new cards as possible. And to achieve this, you need a strong deck of cards. And today we will tell you about Cyber ​​Dragon Deck and some features of the game on it.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series acquainted fans with a few new models, including the Cyber Dragons. This model has been around for very nearly two-ten years so far, it’s actually had the option to hold its own gratitude to its power and added help cards. In Yu-Gi-Oh! Ace Duel, Cyber Dragons are reasonable decks, yet how might you construct an appropriate deck? We should go over our Cyber Dragon deck work in Master Duel.


The Main Deck Monsters and different hand traps assume a critical part in setting up the field. Here is a gander at the beasts that ought to be required for this form.

  • (x3) Maxx “C” – Adds draw power, as one card can be added to hand per Special Summon during the turn it was initiated. Exceptionally supportive in additionally discouraging rival players from amassing the field.
  • (x2-x3) Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring – Versatile hand trap that closes down different impacts that would either Special be able to Summon or add cards from Main Deck.
  • (x3) Cyber Dragon – Classic 2100 ATK, 5* Monster than can be Special Summoned to handle when adversary controls 1+ Monsters, while you control none.
  • (x3) Cyber Dragon Herz – Cyber Dragon Monsters’, including Herz, names become Cyber Dragon when on the field or in GY, by and large. Herz, when shipped off GY, can add one Cyber Dragon to hand. Likewise becomes 5* when Special Summoned to the field, either through Core’s impact or Cyber Revsystem.
  • (x1-x3) Cyber Dragon Nachster – Can Special Summoned to the field by disposing of one Monster. Can target Cyber Dragon Monster with 2100 ATK (Cyber Dragon, Cyber Dragon Nova, Cyber Dragon Infinity) from GY after being Normal or Special Summoned.
  • (x3) Cyber Dragon Core – Searches for one “Digital” card from deck after being Summoned. Would likewise Special be able to Summon one “Digital Dragon,” when this card is in GY and you control no Monsters
  • (x2-x3) Galaxy Soldier – Very valuable for getting to Cyber Dragon Infinity, as it tends to be Special Summoned while disposing of one LIGHT Monster and should be possible at least a few times for every turn. Additionally looks for one more duplicate of itself when Special Summoned.
  • (x1) Electromagnetic Turtle – This card, when in GY, can be ousted and end the rival’s Battle Phase. Can be shipped off GY by either Nachster or Galaxy Soldier’s belongings (from hand), or by Chimeratech Rampage Dragon (from deck).
  • (x1-x2) Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju – Can be Special Summoned to the adversary’s side of the field by tributing one Monster off their field. Can be utilized to sack off a Monster that discredits impacts, or capacity to bring. Jizukiru can be looked at through Cyber Repair Plant.

A wide range of plays should be possible with these Monsters, yet seemingly the best one is to go for a short, OTK (one turn kill) procedure that depends on utilizing the deck’s assets. Swarm the field with Monsters, and afterward the board for the Extra Deck Monsters, which we’ll get into in a little.


Here is a gander at Spells that are required:

  • (x3) Cyber Emergency – Adds one Cyber Dragon Monster card to hand. Must be utilized once per turn.
  • (x3) Machine Duplication – Can target one 500 ATK or less Monster you control, and Special Summon two cards with the same name. Herz, Nachster, and Core all become “Digital Dragon” on the field, so it very well may be accustomed to bringing out two Cyber Dragons.
  • (x3) Pot of Prosperity – Best “Pot” card to use with this deck. Requires banishing of Extra Deck Monsters, yet can add one duplicate of one or the other three or six unearthed cards on top of the deck.
  • (x2) Cyber Repair Plant – Can be utilized when “Digital Dragon” is in GY. Adds one LIGHT Machine Monster to hand. Can likewise target Galaxy Soldier, Electromagnetic Turtle, and Jizukiru.
  • (x1-x2) Cyber Revsystem – Can Special Summon “Digital Dragon” from hand or GY.
  • (x1) Overload Fusion – Can be utilized to Special Summon one DARK Fusion Monster, either Chimeratech Rampage or Chimeratech Overdragon, utilizing materials from field or GY. Generally processed related to Predaplant Verte Anaconda’s impact.
  • (x1) Cyberload Fusion (Optional) – Special Summon one Fusion Monster with “Digital Dragon” depending on the situation material. Excessive, but rather can likewise involve exiled Monsters as material. Can likewise be processed with Verte’s impact.
  • (x1-x2) Lightning Storm (Optional) – Destroys Attack Position or Spell/Trap Cards from adversary’s side of the field. Should have no face-up cards to enact.
  • (x1-x2) Twin Twisters (Optional) – Can annihilate up to two Spell/Trap cards. Handles Spells/Traps, similar to Lightning Storm.
    This deck doesn’t have much as far as cautious Spells. Rather, the Spells in this deck add draw power and help move rapidly towards a fast success.


(x1) Cybernetic Overflow – Banishes “Digital Dragon” Monsters with various levels (max. 3 with this form), and obliterates cards on field up to that aggregate. Can likewise add one “Digital” Spell/Trap whenever annihilated on the field.

Other than that, search for staple Traps would it be a good idea if you want any assistance getting to 40 cards, similar to Infinite Impermanence and Solemn Judgment. Those should assist with halting contradicting beasts’ belongings, and cut off the other player’s combos.

Additional Deck

The Extra Deck is unimaginably critical to this form. These cards assist with transforming a decent field into an extraordinary field, as the Extra Deck Monsters add the capacity to pop cards and discredit impacts. Additionally, a few of these cards gloat high ATK details, also.

  • (x2) Chimeratech Fleet Dragon – Can be Special Summoned with a Fusion card, and needs one “Digital Dragon” Monster and one Monster in Extra Monster Zone. Armada Dragon can involve an adversary’s beast in the last option spot, settling on it an exceptionally worthwhile decision.
  • (x2) Cyber Dragon Nova – Needs two 5* LIGHT Machine Monsters (for example Digital Dragon, Galaxy Soldier) to Xyz Summon. Can raise its ATK to 4200 by banishing one material, and would likewise Special be able to Summon a Cyber Dragon in the event that one is in GY.
  • (x2) Cyber Dragon Infinity – Needs Nova as material. Can refute possibly one Monster impact or Spell/Trap activation per turn. 2100 ATK Monster that can likewise suck up an Attack Position Monster from the opposite side, and add it as material.
  • (x1) Chimeratech Overdragon – Needs somewhere around one “Digital Dragon.” DARK Fusion Monster that acquires ATK equivalent to 800 x number of Machine Monsters used to Summon. Can get pretty husky on the off chance that numerous Monsters utilized.
  • (x1) Chimeratech Rampage Dragon – 2100 ATK Monster that can be utilized to gather Nova, if necessary. Pops Spells/Trap cards on the field, up to a number of Monsters utilized for bringing. Can likewise send two Monsters from deck to GY, and assault up to two additional times.
  • (x1) Cyber Eternity Dragon – 2800 ATK/4000 DEF Monster that can Special Summoned should Nova be annihilated.
  • (x1) Cyber Dragon Sieger – 2100 ATK Link 2 Monster that can add 2100 extra ATK to either itself or another Machine Monster you control, when an assault is proclaimed via card other than itself in Battle Phase. Can’t cause fight harm itself when actuated, yet some other Monster, including one that acquired ATK, can.
  • (x1) Lyrilusc – Assembled Nightingale – Needs two Level 1 Monsters as material (Herz and Nachster). Can assault straightforwardly, If it does, can Special Summon Divine Arsenal AA – ZEUS – Sky Thunder in Main Phase 2.
  • (x1) Divine Arsenal AA – ZEUS – Sky Thunder – Can send all cards on the field, other than itself, when two materials are unattached. Can utilize Lyrilusc – Assembled Nightingale, Nova, or Infinity as material.
  • (x1) Linkuriboh – Link 1 Monster that can turn one Monster’s ATK to 0 when focused on for assault. Need Herz or Nachster to call.
  • (x1) Predaplant Verte Anaconda – Link 2 Monster that can acquire Overload Fusion’s impact and Fusion Summon Chimeratech Overdragon or Chimeratech Rampage. Restricted to one duplicate.
  • (x1) Transcode Talker – 2300 ATK, Link 3 blender. Used to gather Access code Talker.
  • (x1) Access code Talker – Link 4 Monster that ought to be Special Summoned with Link 3 Monster, as it can raise Accesscode’s ATK to 5300. Can likewise pop cards on adversary’s side of the field.
  • (x1) I.P. Masquerena (Optional) – Can be utilized to promptly Link Summon into a Link 3 or 4 Monster during rival’s turn, insofar as you have an adequate number of materials.

By taking a gander at these cards, various combos can be instituted. Extraordinary Summon two Galaxy Soldiers through disposing of Cyber Dragon Herz and Cyber Dragon, and afterward, Special Summoning Infinity is one. Ordinary Summon Core, use Machine Duplication, and afterward utilize different help cards to get Infinity, Verte Anaconda, and Chimeratech Rampage Dragon is another conceivable one. A decent part of this form is that through ZEUS, Chimeratech Rampage, and Infinity, it has multiple ways of winning duels.

Digital Dragons, because of their power, can undoubtedly take players to Platinum. While it will battle against the top-level meta decks, it could stand its ground, making it a decent suitable deck. Despite the fact that it very well may be better should the boycott list get a future change.

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