Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Sky Striker Deck Build (Guide 2022)

One of the most famous paradigms in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is Sky Strikers, and these Monsters have advanced toward Yu-Gi-Oh! Ace Duel. This model depends intensely on the gradual play, and its different Spell Cards. Anyway, how would you have to fabricate a Sky Striker deck in Master Duel? We should go over our construct.


Sky Strikers regularly don’t run numerous Monsters in the Main Deck, as there are just two Sky Striker Ace Monsters that can be utilized here. Here is a gander at Main Deck Monster choices:

  • (x3) Sky Striker Ace – Raye – 4* Sky Striker Effect Monster than can be looked at by an assortment of Sky Striker Spell impacts, including Mobilize – Engage and Area Zero, and Reinforcement of the Army. Raye has a Quick Effect that permits it to recognize itself to GY, and Special Summon a Sky Striker Ace Link Monster to the field. Can likewise Special Summoned from GY, when a Sky Striker Ace Monster is obliterated or pass on the field because of rival’s card impact, once per turn.
  • (x2-x3) Sky Strike Ace – Roze – Can be Special Summoned from hand assuming that an alternate Sky Striker Ace Monster is brought. Can likewise be Special Summoned from GY, when a Sky Striker Ace Monster in Extra Monster Zone, is annihilated or passes on the field because of adversary’s card impact, once per turn.
  • (x3) Maxx “C” – Adds draw power, as one card can be added to hand per Special Summon during the turn it was enacted. Extremely supportive in likewise discouraging rival players from amassing the field.
  • (x3) Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring – Versatile hand trap that closes down different impacts that would either Special be able to Summon or add cards from Main Deck. Likewise can be utilized to Special Summon Crystron Halqifibrax, since it’s a Tuner.
  • (x1-x3) Effect Veiler – Spellcaster Tuner Monster that can likewise be utilized to Special Summon Crystron Halqifibrax. The number of duplicates runs ought to rely upon the utilization of Ash Blossom, as well as other hand traps in the deck.
  • (x1-x2) Nibiru, The Primal Being (Optional) – excessive, however, can be utilized in matchups against swarm decks like Drytron, Six Samurai, Tri-Brigade, and so on


Spell Cards are the core of this motor, and getting a large number of these in the GY however quick as conceivable may be the situation. Here is a glance at which Spells you should hope to use in these forms:

  • (x3) Upstart Goblin – Draw one card from the deck, add 1000 LP to the adversary’s aggregate.
  • (x2) Called by the Grave – Banishes Monster from adversary’s GY and invalidates its belongings. Essentially used to invalidate hand traps.
  • (x2) Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage! – Adds one Sky Striker card, other than Engage, to hand, and adds one extra card draw if 3+ Spells in GY. Can be utilized at least a few times for each turn.
  • (x2) Sky Striker Airspace – Area Zero – Can exhume, from the main three cards of your Deck, a Sky Striker card and add it to your hand. Since it requires a card to focus as cost, use Raye, and afterward tag out into Sky Striker Link beast is one is found. Additionally, can Special Summon 1 Sky Striker Ace beast from your Deck when shipped off GY?
  • (x2) Sky Striker Mecha – Widow Anchor – Quick-Play Spell that refutes face-up Monsters impacts for a turn. In the event that 3+ Spells are in GY, designated Monster’s control can be changed to the client’s side for the rest of the turn. This impact is great for gathering Link Monsters that are Link 2 or higher.
  • (x1-x2) Sky Striker Maneuver – Afterburn! – Pops one face-up Monster on the field, and one Spell/Trap assuming that 3+ Spells are in GY.
  • (x1) Sky Striker Mecha Modules – Multirole – Continous Spell that can bring back utilized Sky Striker Spells to field, including Mobilize – Engage. Can likewise focus on one more card on your field, and safeguard from invalidation of future Spell Card initiations. Assuming involved this way related to Area Zero, this can likewise look for a Sky Striker Ace Effect Monster.
  • (x1) Sky Striker Manuever – Jamming Waves! – Similar impacts to Afterburns!. Pops one set Spell/Trap on the field, and one Monster in the event that 3+ Spells are in GY.
  • (x1) Sky Striker Mecha – Shark Cannon – Shark Cannon ousts one Monster from adversary’s GY. This card is great for disposing of aggravation Monsters (for example Eldlich the Golden Lord), too as can exile Monsters that are focused on getting back to the field. Shark Cannon, assuming 3+ Spells are in GY, can switch control of that card for a turn, too.
  • (x1) Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones – Quick-Play Spell that includes a Sky Striker token field. Utilized by and large for Link Summon purposes.
  • (x1) Pot of Avarice – Very helpful for getting Sky Striker Monsters back into Extra Deck. When initiated, clients can send five Monsters back to the decks, and two extra cards can be drawn.
  • (x1) Harpie’s Feather Duster – Staple Spell that annihilates all Spells/Traps on rival’s side on the field. Can be utilized to get to 3+ Spell prerequisites for Sky Striker Spells.
  • (x1) Reinforcement of the Army – Limited to one duplicate. Adds Raye or Roze to hand, however, center around Raye.
  • (x1) Terraforming – Limited to one duplicate. Adds Area Zero to hand.
  • (x1-x3) Crossout Designator (Optional) – Can discredit adversary’s hand traps, inasmuch as you have a duplicate of the same card in deck. Can be utilized to discredit Nibiru, Ash Blossom, Maxx “C,” and Effect Veiler, among others.
  • (x1) Monster Reborn (Optional) – Optional staple Spell that takes a Monster back to field. Can be utilized to get to 3+ Spell prerequisite for Sky Striker Spell impacts, and as a crisis defend.
  • (x1) Raigeki (Optional) – Staple Spell that annihilates all Monsters on the adversary’s side on the field. Like Harpie’s Feather Duster and Monster Reborn, can be utilized to get to 3+ Spell prerequisite for Sky Striker Spells.
  • (x1-x2) Lightning Storm (Optional) – Can be utilized in lieu of Harpie’s Feather Duster. Annihilates Attack Position or Spell/Trap Cards from rival’s side of the field. Should have no face-up cards to initiate.
  • (x3) Pot of Prosperity (Optional) – Can be utilized in lieu of Upstart Goblin, yet not prescribed because of the impact of banishing cards from

Extra Deck.

We should take note of that there is one thing that you in all actuality do have to be aware of Sky Striker Spells. Other than Area Zero and Modules – Multirole, these Spells require the Main, not Extra, Monster Zone to be vacant. Therefore, it’s critical to either utilize a portion of these Spells prior to gathering Roze or Raye, or in the wake of going into a Link Summon.


Sky Strikers depend intensely on Spells, so Trap Cards probably won’t be fundamental for this form. Nonetheless, staple cards like Solemn Strike, Solemn Judgment, and Infinite Impermanence can be helpful in closing down plays from the resistance. Ice Dragon’s Prison is likewise another choice, as it can likewise be useful towards drawing out the critical cards here, the Extra Deck Link Monsters.

Whether or not you use Traps, try to keep the absolute number of Main Deck cards to 40.

Additional Deck

The way to Sky Strikers, outside of Spells, is the Extra Deck, as these are the cards that are indispensable to progress. Sky Strikers use Link Monsters, and utilize their changing impacts to get to the end goal. This is what to search for while building a deck.

  • (x3) Sky Striker Ace – Shizuke – Lowers rival’s ATK/DEF details by 100 x number of Spells in your GY. Can likewise add a Spell Card to deliver the End Phase of transform in which it’s brought into Extra Monster Zone. Most clients go from Raye to Shizukw, while going first. Additionally utilized while finishing a turn, as a rule.
  • (x3) Sky Striker Ace – Hayate – Can assault rival straightforwardly. After causing harm to rivals, can send one Sky Striker Spell to GY. Can be utilized to target superfluous cards, or Mobilize – Engage!, which can be recovered by Kagari.
  • (x1-x3) Sky Striker Ace – Kaina – Not quite so broadly utilized as Shizuke or Hayate, however can be helpful. Adds 100 LP for each time a Sky Striker Spell is actuated.
  • (x1) Sky Striker Ace – Zeke – Link 2 Monster that can expel a Monster from adversary’s side of the field until the finish of rival’s next turn. Can likewise acquire 1000 extra ATK at cost of one card you control.
  • (x1) Sky Striker Ace – Kagari – Limited to one in Master Duel. Gains ATK equivalent to 100 x quantities of Spells in GY. When brought, Kagari adds one Sky Striker Spell back to hand, which on most occasions, will be Mobilize – Engage!. Can be re-utilized on account of Pot of Avarice.
  • (x1) Crystron Halqifibrax – Needs Ash Blossom or Effect Veiler to bring. Can recover one from deck to Special Summon after it is welcomed on the field. Materials can be utilized for the Link 3 call.
  • (x1) I.P. Masquerena – Can be utilized to quickly Link Summon into a Link 3 or 4 Monster during adversary’s turn, inasmuch as you have an adequate number of materials.
  • (x1) Knightmare Unicorn – Link 3 Monster that can target one card on field and mix it in a deck.
  • (x1) Knightmare Cerberus – Link 2 Monster that can annihilate one Special Summoned beast on the field.
  • (x1) Transcode Talker – 2300 ATK, Link 3 blender.
  • (x1) Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians – Link 3 Monster that ought to possibly be utilized assuming Effect Veiler is in the deck. Assuming sufficient Spell Counters on Selene, can recover Effect Veiler from GY and Special Summon it.
  • (x1) Access code Talker – Link 4 Monster that ought to be Special Summoned with Link 3 Monster, as it can raise Accesscode’s ATK to 5300. Can likewise pop cards on rival’s side of the field.

Sky Strikers can bring down a significant number of decks in the Master Duel metagame. Sadly, the ban list has not been benevolent to this paradigm. A large number of the sort’s Spell Cards have been hit, and keeping in mind that that makes it simpler to construct, it additionally makes it more vulnerable. Ostensibly the most serious issue with Sky Strikers is that Kagari, which is limitless in the TCG, is restricted to only one duplicate in Master Duel.

Sky Strikers are still rather strong, but at the same time, it’s an extreme deck to climb the last option within Master Duel.

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