Apple launches a cleaning cloth at 25 euros

Everything Apple creates sells well! The price seems to be the least important because the “rush” for new products is immediate. This time, Apple has released something different from the usual. For 25 euros, the company at apple now offers a cleaning cloth.

According to Apple, the cleaning cloth is made from a soft, non-abrasive material and is ideal for cleaning the screen of any Apple device, including nanotextured glass, safely and effectively. It costs 25 euros and should sell very well as deliveries are expected in 10-12 weeks.

Although this is just a rag, iFixit has already performed a teardown after confirming that

The material is identical to the inner lining of a smart iPad case, which has a thin layer of microfiber inside. Both have a distinct leatherette feel with a touch of imprecision, similar to the Alcantara.

In the “investigation,” iFixit noted that the polishing cloth is “actually two pieces of cloth glued together!”

If you want to buy a rag of these “specials,” just head over to Apple’s website and wait a few months. The delivery forecast indicates the months of January or February.

An “iPaño” with a questionable cost

At La Manzana Mordida we as a rule distribute a funny news thing each December 28 to pay tribute to the Holy Innocents’ Day. Also, today we are October 19, so we are a long way from that date. Also, albeit the feature of this post appears to be that we have progressed the joke, it truly is valid. You can find in the apple online store this fabric that we have informally initiated the «iPaño».

Furthermore, the facts confirm that the cost of Apple items is never an issue that fulfills everybody. And keeping in mind that the facts confirm that in some it is more legitimate than in others, the one on this fabric is probably going to be one of the most disputable. Are 25 euros what it costs a solitary unit, something that clearly draws capably consideration.

To be reasonable, we should say that the way that this material doesn’t start transporting until October 26 keeps us from having the option to depict all the more precisely what it resembles. Not even the material utilized is depicted on the Apple site. We expect it to be microfiber, however, we can’t affirm it and neither would it be able to measure. The portrayal that Apple gives is this:


We comprehend that the target of this fabric will actually want to have the option to appropriately clean a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, including their separate screens. More considering the new advancements of the boards with which gadgets, for example, those that are being dispatched of late. It stays not yet clear how much this material can do decent assistance contrasted with others.

We review that Amazon as of now sells cleaning items that Apple itself utilizes, for example, the brand’s fluids Whoosh, utilized in the Apple Store to leave clients’ gadgets flawless after maintenance. In these cases, it is less expensive and furthermore incorporates fabrics that impeccably serve for cleaning and at more alluring costs.

Nevertheless, if we have the chance we will attempt this new fabric. It isn’t so much that it is the most alluring Apple item for an audit, yet hello … Even in case it is episodic, definitely, you are likewise inquisitive to perceive what this 25-euro material resembles, which, without a doubt, will have something to discuss nowadays.

Cleans everything, even nano

Presently Apple is by all accounts arranging it for the new MacBook Pro models with their “Fluid Retina XDR” screen, albeit as indicated by past information they don’t have the “nano-glass” surface. “The cleaning fabric is made of a delicate, scraped spot free material and cleans each Apple show, including nanotexture glass, tenderly and completely,” Apple writes in the item notes. The “Similarity List” contains all at presently accessible gadgets with a screen, incorporating those with nanotexture. The fabric has adjusted corners in Apple style and shows a decorated Apple logo. The gathering doesn’t give any data on size and weight.


Apple is by all accounts fulfilling with an incredible need for the new item: it was sold soon after it was made accessible. In the most pessimistic scenario, you are right now delaying until December twentieth – already it was until October. The organization has not yet uncovered what unique material Apple makes the cleaning fabric from. The estimating is suggestive of the natural jobs for the Mac Pro. Here, in any case, the costs of 850 euros are considerably more drug store.

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