Horizon Forbidden West Gets a Tallneck Lego Set in May

Horizon Forbidden West is getting its own special Lego set as a Tallneck Robo-dinosaur complete with Aloy Minifigure to climb it.

As the PlayStation.Blog uncovers the Lego Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck (76989) is set to go at a bargain May 1 this year. The set comprises 1,222 Lego pieces and once complete, will be 13.5-inches (34cm) tall. Expect true highlights including the circle formed head, receiving wires projecting from the neck, and those extremely long legs.

Likewise remembered for the set is a base with “Skyline scene subtleties” on which to position your recently built Tallneck. That detail incorporates a birch tree, tall grass, and plant wrapped stoplight.

Isaac Snyder, the Lego model planner said:

“I went gaga for Horizon Zero Dawn whenever I first played it. It’s a cutting edge world brimming with beautiful landscapes, solid characters, compromising machines, and a rich story. The Guerrilla originators were an immense motivation and helped in encapsulating this universe in LEGO structure. The Horizon fan local area is so innovative, and this model is committed to their enthusiasm and creative mind.”

Devotees of the game series will be glad to hear Lego additionally planned an Aloy Minifigure and will remember her for the crate alongside a Lego block bow and lance. The base additionally incorporates a spot to situate a Watcher figure, which can be redone with blue, red, or yellow eyes.

The Lego Tallneck page isn’t permitting pre-orders, however, affirms the delivery date as May 1. It likewise records the cost as $79.99 and affirms that close by the structure guidelines will be, “within the story of how LEGO architects made a model that catches the Horizon universe.”

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