How do Voidstones Work in Path of Exile?

With Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas adding such countless new mechanics to the game, it’s not out of the ordinary that a couple of more seasoned mechanics and things are being eliminated (farewell Navali). One of the bigger arrangements of things on out are Watchstones, which were recently used to open and redesign specific final plan maps. The framework doesn’t leave completely in their nonappearance, however, as the Watchstones will play their part filled by Voidstones.

Path of Exile

As a general rule, Voidstones are an improvement of the more established framework. Rather than setting a variety of Watchstones into 16 unique spaces to open and overhaul your guides, you just need to find and place four Voidstones into your Atlas. In spite of the fact that Voidstones are as of now excessive for opening specific guides, they are as yet used to update the trouble of your guides, to a limit of level 16.

Every one of the four Voidstones drops from an alternate final stage chief. The Ceremonial Voidstone drops from The Maven. The Decayed Voidstone drops from the Uber Elder. The Grasping and Omniscient Voidstones drop from the two Pinnacle supervisors, the Eater of Worlds and the Searing Exarch separately.

Like Watchstones, Voidstones can in any case be adjusted utilizing Sextants, and Siege of the Atlas includes a couple of new Sextants. Also, since Sextant alterations can never again be put away in Watchstones for situational trading, they can rather be put away utilizing Surveyor’s Compasses. You can buy Surveyor’s Compasses from Kirac in a limitless amount, at the expense of one Chaos Orb each.

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