How to Add a Thumbnail to Your YouTube Shorts

If you’re releasing a YouTube shorts video, you might be wondering how to add a thumbnail. In the world of online video, thumbnails are like book covers. They’re a tiny, 16:9 frame from your video. If you want to attract more viewers, you need to optimize your video for YouTube and make it as appealing as possible. Here are a few tips to help you make your shorts more appealing to users.

Create a large text graphic with a clear message

When creating a video thumbnail, you want to make sure that the text is readable and is not too difficult to read. In addition, you want to keep the text to a minimum since YouTube thumbnails are small and even smaller on mobile devices. YouTube averaged 1 billion mobile views per day in 2018. If your video thumbnail contains too much text, people will not read it and you’ll be wasting valuable thumbnail real estate.

Make sure to include a clear message at the bottom of your video thumbnail. This will give viewers an idea of what the video is about and allow them to decide if they want to watch it or not. It’s best to avoid using screenshots or screen captures for your video thumbnails. You can use a photographic image that is relevant to your video topic.

YouTube Shorts can be anywhere from seven to eight seconds long. Once you’ve finished creating your Short, the next step is getting views. The number of people who watch your Shorts depends largely on how entertaining and appealing they are. To increase the chances of your Shorts being viewed, you can use four methods. First, you can add thumbnails to your regular YouTube videos.

Upload a unique thumbnail

One way to increase views for your YouTube shorts is to make your thumbnail unique. You can change the thumbnail image of your video in the YouTube Studio desktop application. The left navigation menu contains the content menu and thumbnail view. You can choose to change the thumbnail of your video by clicking on the pencil icon.

If you use the Chrome browser, you can choose to upload a unique thumbnail for your YouTube shorts. This thumbnail will appear only on your personal YouTube channel and will not be displayed elsewhere. The picture should be 9:16 in size so that viewers will be able to view it.

You must verify your YouTube account before uploading a custom thumbnail to YouTube shorts. You cannot upload a thumbnail if you have more than 10 videos on the website. You must upload a minimum of 10 shorts before you can add a custom thumbnail. Besides, you can only upload a custom thumbnail once.

It’s important to use bright colors for your YouTube thumbnail. Remember that many people view YouTube on their mobile devices. If your text is too small to read on the small screen, viewers will most likely skip it. A bright, contrasting color will make your video look more attractive. Keep your text to a minimum. It is also important to include whitespace or negative space around your thumbnail.

While the title of your YouTube shorts is the most important, the thumbnail should be equally attractive. A good thumbnail will ensure more viewers will be drawn to your short. Remember that your thumbnail is a clickable image, so make it stand out! Creating an attractive thumbnail will also help your video rank well in Google. You can also edit the thumbnail image using the Canva program. You can use this tool for free.

However, it’s important to note that YouTube doesn’t support custom thumbnails for videos. By default, YouTube will choose a random frame from your video and use that image for your YouTube Shorts preview. You cannot change this process once YouTube has chosen the image. So, if you want to upload a custom thumbnail, you must first open your YouTube shorts video.

Optimize your YouTube shorts for more views

If you’re looking for more views on your YouTube videos, you’ll want to optimize them for the site. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to optimize your YouTube shorts. The first step is to make sure your video is in the correct aspect ratio. This will help you to maximize the effect of your video while reducing the time viewers spend watching it. Then, you’ll want to focus on creating content that viewers will find valuable.

The second step is to include relevant information in the description of your YouTube shorts. Include details about your video’s genre, theme, and nature. Also, include the appropriate tags, such as #shorts. By doing this, YouTube will be able to suggest the content to people interested in that genre. As a result, you’ll be able to get a lot more views and hits.

YouTube Shorts titles can contain up to 100 characters, but only 40 of these characters will appear on-screen when viewed on an app. This means that you need to place the most important keywords at the beginning of the title, as these will be the first thing viewers see. Titles are important because they’re the face of your video, so don’t skimp on this part of optimization. A well-optimized title will get you higher views on YouTube, which will improve your overall ranking.

While YouTube’s algorithm changes all the time, there are still some basic steps you can take to maximize the impact of your YouTube Shorts. Adding music, for example, can increase your views. YouTube Shorts with music videos have proven to be more popular. You can use the audio library on YouTube to add music to your videos.

After you’ve added a title and description, you’ll need to choose a thumbnail. YouTube doesn’t have a default thumbnail option, but it is possible to upload a custom image to optimize your video’s thumbnail. Once you’ve done that, you can edit the image and make it more suitable for your short film. You can also crop the image and add text or shapes. If you’d like, you can also download a high-quality thumbnail image.

Upload your video directly to YouTube

One of the first steps to optimizing your videos on YouTube is to add a thumbnail. A thumbnail is an image that represents your video on the website and is often the first impression that viewers have of your video. To add a thumbnail to your video, you must first enable it in the Channel Settings. Once you have done that, you can add a thumbnail to any video you upload to YouTube.

When making your thumbnail, try to use a powerful image that represents the message you are trying to convey. Make sure to choose an image that is clear, relevant to your video, and is under 2MB. Try using the “rule of thirds” to make the image look interesting and dynamic.

Once you’ve chosen a thumbnail, you can edit it and save it for future use. However, remember to keep it under 2MB, because thumbnails on YouTube are not larger than 2MB. If you want to use a larger image, you can also make your thumbnail bigger.

In addition to using the default YouTube thumbnail, you can also create your own thumbnails. You can create a custom thumbnail using the Snipping Tool on Windows or by using the Command+Shift+4 shortcut on Mac. However, you should make sure that you’ve turned on monetization in the creator’s dashboard before you upload your video. To do this, simply visit YouTube and click on the “Revenue” tab on your creator dashboard. Once you have the monetization settings turned on, you’ll be able to upload your video.

You can enhance your video’s thumbnail with text, clip art, or background. You can even add the title of your video. The important thing is to use contrasting colors. The more contrast your video has, the more appealing it will be to viewers. Make sure that the thumbnail stands out from the rest of your video.

You can also make use of online design tools such as Canva. This tool offers a free version as well as a paid one. You can select from a range of stock images and font styles. You can also choose the colors of your thumbnail.

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