How to Change the HUD Size in Lost Ark (June 2022)

Lost Ark is an allowed to-play 2.5D MMORPG with an accentuation on PvE and investigation. You’ll investigate the huge world the game brings to the table while additionally investigating Chaos Dungeons. There are five primary classes and various progressed classes to look over, permitting players to play a person that fits best with their playstyle.

Your HUD fills in as your primary wellspring of data in the game. It shows your wellbeing, mana, abilities, visit, and a minimap. Assuming that you observe the HUD excessively little or think it covers a lot of the screen, there is a method for changing its size.

To change your HUD size, click on the settings either on the person determination screen or administrations and afterward settings assuming that you’re in-game. In the video tab, look over right down to see the HUD Size Adjustment choice. You have five sizes to look over 80%, 90%, 100 percent, which is the default setting, 105%, or every available ounce of effort. Anything that setting you pick will influence the whole HUD, even the various buttons in the base right corner. Sadly, the HUD Size Adjustment doesn’t influence the size of text bubbles or the discourse size while you’re conversing with an NPC.

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