How to Change Your Username in Minecraft

Minecraft is loaded up with many ways of flaunting what your identity is. Be that as it may, one of the main methods of self-articulation within the game is your username. The name that shows up in talk and the one drifting over your head is a vital piece of the in-game character you make for yourself. This guide will go over how to change your username in Minecraft Java Edition.

You can change your username in Minecraft free of charge by making a beeline for When you are completely signed in, you can go to the “Profile” segment of your record, where you will find a change button close to your Profile Name.


Remember that you can change your username once at regular intervals, so pick shrewdly. To try not to be stuck for a month with a name you don’t need. Another significant note is that Minecraft will require your past username to be postponed for 37 days. Like that, after the 30 days are up, you actually have seven days to change your username back to the past one preceding Mojang discharges that name to different players.

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