How to Eat in Minecraft on PC, Console, & PE

Eating in Minecraft could appear to be simple, but not every person knows the controls. Peruse beneath to perceive how to fill your Minecraft character’s stomach and raise your wellbeing back to an acceptable level!

How to Eat in Minecraft

With this aide, we’re expecting you are utilizing the default controls that are set up with the game. Assuming you have transformed them, this guide probably won’t fill in true to form. In any case, the overall thought is that you should press and hold the auxiliary activity button to eat food. We make sense of this more beneath.

Since this is a clear errand, we will give you straightforwardly the controls you want to get it done. Assuming you have remapped your auxiliary activity button, you really want to press and hold that button rather than the button recorded underneath.

  • Java (PC/Mac): Right-snap and hold.
  • PE (Mobile): Tap and hold.
  • Xbox: Press and hold the LT button.
  • Playstation: Press and hold the L2 button.
  • Wii U/Nintendo Switch: Press and hold the ZL button.
  • Windows 10/Education (Bedrock): Right-snap and hold.

These controls apply to all consumable things aside from Cake. To eat Cake, it should be put on a strong square. Utilize a similar button you used to eat different food sources, yet rather than holding it, simply tap it while you’re gazing straight toward the cake.

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