How to Escape Juvie in BitLife 4×4 (2022)

Bitlife brings to the table everything to this present reality in an electronic gadget under your fingertips. From turning into a well known YouTuber to purchasing a farm for yourself, there isn’t anything you can’t do in the game. Assuming you chose to walk some unacceptable way and go wild out there perpetrating wrongdoings, the game has jails as well. There are normal security jails with least to medium security and the greatest security penitentiaries in Bitlife. You will be imprisoned for the wrongdoing you carry out. Be that as it may, no one loves being caught in both of these prisons thus, normally, you will want to break free. Be that as it may, escapes are not a stroll in the park. So to save you from some jail time, we have here accumulated all the prison maps in Bitlife and how to escape from Prison.

There is one safety officer on the checkerboard alongside you and he will take two actions for one action that you make. He won’t simply take two actions toward any path, he will take those actions towards you, beginning evenly first. Assuming that the gatekeeper gets you while getting away, you will have a couple of more years added to your sentence for endeavored escape.

Try to hinder the safety officer in the dividers of the labyrinth with the goal that his move set is confined permitting you to escape from jail in BitLife. There will be 3 sided encloses the Bitlife prison that he can be caught in and you can undoubtedly move towards the break.

How to Escape Juvie in BitLife 4×4

Bitlife has many sorts of detainment facilities some are exceptionally difficult to get away and some are extremely simple. The Bitlife Normal Prison is little in size that why they are not difficult to escape.

So In Below Video, I can without much of a stretch disclose to you how you can escape bitlife 4×4 Prison. So first watch the video totally and attempt to follow the bit by bit interaction to effectively escape from these ordinary penitentiaries. To Escape Normal Prison Quickly then, at that point, should follow down beneath steps in the Video to handily escape the 4×4 Bitlife jail.

I Hope That video assists you with effectively getting away from the 4×4 Prison so assuming it works for you kindly make a point to leave a remark for my inspiration. Your One Comment supports my entire day and I endeavor to make more instructional exercises that help you. Have a Good Day.

1. 4×4 Prison Map

2. 4×4 Prison Map 2

3. 4×4 Prison Map 3

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