How to Find and Complete the Origin of the Puruus Hidden Story in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is perhaps the greatest title of this current year. This game was at first delivered a couple of years back in 2019, yet as of late, in February 2022, Amazon Games delivered this game in the Western Countries, and out of nowhere, the ubiquity of the game expanded a ton.

Lost Ark includes a ton of Side Story journeys, and large numbers of them are covered up story missions that you can finish to arrive nearer to finishing your Adventurer’s Tome. The Origin of Puruus is additionally a secret story mission that you really want to finish.

The Origin of Puruus is one of the many Hidden Stories you can decide to finish in Lost Ark. The Hidden Stories are side missions that will build how much your finishing rate in a particular district for your Adventurer’s Tome, creeping you one bit nearer to coming to 100 percent. There are four areas you really want to visit for this Hidden Story. In this aide, we detail how to find and finish the ORigin of Puruus Hidden Story in Lost Ark.

Every one of the areas will be inside the Leyar Terrace, yet you’ll have to visit various spots around here to finish the Hidden Story. The first will be in the focal point of the Land of Puruus, which starts off the experience. The subsequent area will bring you down south of the Land of Puruus, not long before you enter the Misfog Shelter.

Then, for the third area, you need to get back to the Land of Puruus and go toward the east side of the spot, squarely in the impasse region. The fourth and last area makes them head out over to the pathway between the Land of Puruus and the Spring of Beginning. You’ll need to observe the last advance of the mission just before you arrive at the Triport.

Whenever you’ve visited and communicated with each of the areas inside the Leyar of Terrace, you will have finished the Origin of the Puruus Hidden Story.

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