How to get Perception Shards and What to use them for in Lost Ark

Discernment Shards and Harmony Shards are something more that Lost Ark offers to the players. Since this is an MMORPG it keeps up with its balance with different games as far as offering players plenty of content. What’s more that is the place where these two things come in. As you progress through the story you might discover some Perception Shards in your stock or are yet to find them. While Harmony Shards is a point for one more day. We will today zero in on what discernment shards are in Lost Ark, additionally gain proficiency with its utilizations and the way in which you can get them.

Lost Ark has various assets obtained through the game’s many mission frameworks and exercises, and you shouldn’t be shocked in the event that you some of the time observe something in your stock you don’t recall plundering. Insight Shards are one of those unremarkable Lost Ark assets, just found and utilized in a particular region of the game. This speedy aide will clarify what Perception Shards are, and what you can involve them for in Lost Ark.

How to Use Perception Shards

You can utilize the Perception Shards to purchase any of the accompanying things from the Chaos Dungeon seller.

  • Etching Books (Uncommon thing)
  • Concordance Leapstones
  • Concordance Shards
  • Gems (Rare to Legendary thing)
  • Stone Fragments

To observe the Chaos Dungeon NPC go to North Vern in the Vern Castle. Then, head southeast from the Chaos Dungeon Statue to track down this seller. On the other hand, you can likewise exchange Disorder precious stones spot of Perception Shards to get the previously mentioned things.

Discernment Shards have a bedlam subject to them, as they are just found in two Lost Ark exercises – Chaos Dungeons and Chaos Gates – and appear to be exchangeable with Disorder Crystals (confusion and turmoil, get it?) Once you hit level 50 you can run Chaos Dungeons one time each day, and you will get Perception Shards as a feature of the standard prizes for this genuinely simple action. Disarray Gates drop by less much of the time, and you should watch out for your in-game occasion schedule to know when a Chaos Gate is free.

To utilize the Perception Shards you’ve gathered in Lost Ark, you should go to the Chaos Dungeon merchant, an NPC found close to every Chaos Dungeon in the game. Discernment Shards can be exchanged for Engraving Books, Harmony Shards, Harmony Leapstones, certain Jewelry, and Stone Fragments. The Chaos Dungeon seller will likewise acknowledge Disorder Crystals as installments for these things.

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