How to Move Villagers in Minecraft

Villagers were added to Minecraft not long before the authority arrival of variant 1. In those days, they didn’t fill some needs, and their towns were generally utilized as a wellspring of sanctuary for individuals beginning another world. From that point forward, they have turned into a fundamental piece of the game, offering mechanics like exchanging, Iron Golems, and cultivating!

How to Move Villagers in Minecraft

As a result of the mechanics, they bring to the game, moving a Villager to various locations can be useful. The essential use for this is to situate them for iron homesteads, yet a few Players likewise simply need to move them close to their base to have neighbors! It can get desolate in a solitary player game. Underneath, we have cleared up every one of the various ways the move a Villager.


Preparing to put a boat before a Villager.

The most effective method for moving a solitary Villager is by boat. Moving a boat ashore doesn’t diminish your speed by a significant sum. On the off chance that there is a stream close by, it turns into the quickest method for moving a Villager over a significant distance (insofar as the waterway goes where you believe it should go!

To set this up, just spot a boat before a Villager as it’s strolling. It can take some becoming accustomed to, yet for the most part, they’ll pop just inside assuming it’s put accurately!


  • Proficient: An amazing technique to move one Villager. This technique is reasonable for short, medium, and significant distances.
  • Simple: Only requires a boat and a resident!
  • Quick: It’s just somewhat slower than strolling. It’s a lot quicker than some other techniques in the event that you can get the boat to the water.


  • Mobility: This strategy can go across an equivalent world level or lower. You can’t move a boat up.


A resident looking at a place of work.

This strategy is by and large used to get a Villager to climb blocks on the off chance that you’re utilizing boats. It’s not prescribed to involve it for significant distances, as it is a lot slower than strolling (because of all the halting). To get a Villager to move in a specific heading over a brief distance, place a place of work close by. At the point when the Villager sees it, it will stroll to it and change its work. Rehash as required.


  • Mobility: This is the quickest and least demanding method for getting a Villager to go up to a more elevated level.


  • Speed: This is certainly not a decent technique to get even one Villager to cross huge distances. It’s for the most part utilized pair with Boats.


Residents in a house.

This technique is for the most part used to move numerous locals to another area. It is exceptionally useful however can be exorbitant with regard to assets. It can likewise be an issue to set up. Getting Villagers into Minecarts is troublesome. By and large, the best technique is to spread out the whole rail line way, track down a Villager in a little/restricted space, then trap them until you can construct the rail route. You could likewise break out the blocks underneath them, yet they like to move around before you can break the subsequent block!

You’ll see an illustration of this in the picture above. These Villagers were gotten in…well…their home. We incorporated the rail line into their home while they were…doing whatever. In the picture beneath, one of the Villagers says farewell to the next on the cheek prior to being shipped off!

A resident giving their mate a say farewell to.


  • Speed: This is the quickest method for getting Villagers across huge distances (without water close by). It works for various Villagers, and you could send them generally down the rail route in progression.
  • Mobility: This strategy permits you to move Villagers up to more elevated levels without the utilization of Job Sites.
  • Effective: This strategy is best for moving numerous Villagers in a similar region to another area.


  • Assets: This technique can be exorbitant. In any case, you can break the rails when you’re finished with them to re-use them.
  • Troublesome: It’s substantially more challenging to set up than some other techniques. Catching a Villager can be precarious, and laying the rails can take a great deal of time.
  • Aside from these three techniques, the main alternate method for moving Villagers is to knock them down away! That technique is expensive, slow, and troublesome, however, so it’s by and large not worth the effort.

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