How to Paint a Mouse Face [2022]

Get some mouse ears and transform yourself into Paint a Mouse Face this Halloween with my Easy Minnie Mouse Makeup Tutorial and DIY Halloween Costume. This Minnie Mouse cosmetics look is so adorable and easy to make and all you want are ordinary cosmetics items!

Here is the Step By Step Process to How to Paint a Mouse Face

Paint a Mouse Face is a Disney symbol, and both youthful and old know her face and have seen her kid’s shows. She is one of the more well known Disney characters and her look is frequently imitated for outfits and gatherings. While her outfit and notorious mouse ears can be bought at ensemble shops and at Disney stores, her cosmetics are minimal trickier to accomplish. Be that as it may, assuming you have a consistent hand and a couple of essential cosmetics supplies, you can finish your look with the ideal Minnie Mouse face paint.

  • I started with Beach Berry (Mehron Paradise) for the bow in the brow.
  • Then, I plunged into my more obscure red (from the Fire Rainbow Cake) to add some shadowing to the bow.
  • Then, at that point, I utilized dark to make the Minnie Mouse ear shapes.
  • I kept on utilizing dark for the nose and blueprint the bow.
  • Presently, I went into my white for the spots on the bow, and included a small feature the dark nose.
  • Then, at that point, I painted my lips with red, and added some blush to the cheeks. For the lips, I utilized Maybelline Color Sensational in Are You Red-dy? also for the cheeks, I utilized Urban Decay Electric shadow in Slowburn.
  • Then, at that point, I returned into my dark to make diagrams around the eyes, added a few lashes, then, at that point, utilized white to include features the top and base eyelids.
  • At long last, I polished off with features on the red lip, and a few dabs and gleaming embellishments made in white.
  • Yoo-hoo! It’s finished!

Simple Minnie Mouse Makeup and Halloween Costume

Hello everybody! The present Halloween cosmetics look is likely one of my cherished female animation characters ever – Minnie Mouse! She’s a particularly charming and sweet person, and this look is a particularly basic, adorable, and fun Halloween cosmetics look – and an incredible somewhat late Halloween outfit thought!

For the present post, I’m sharing how to make this Easy Minnie Mouse Makeup look highlighting a dark smokey eye and an intense red lip, just as how to make a DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume utilizing things from your storeroom and reasonable items you can find on Amazon and have transported to you speedily.

Minus any additional farewell how about, we make a plunge directly into this fun Minnie Mouse Paint cosmetics instructional exercise!

How to Create Easy Minnie Mouse Makeup for Halloween

This Minnie Mouse Makeup includes a simple, yet emotional dark smokey eye, pink cheeks and bristles, a dark mouse nose, and delightful, dazzling red lipstick! It’s both pretty and easy to make and the best of this Mouse Face Paint cosmetics look utilizes ordinary cosmetics items you most likely as of now have in your cosmetics assortment.

Look at my bit by bit video instructional exercise beneath or on my Youtube Channel with precisely how to accomplish this straightforward Minnie mouse cosmetics look, and get all the reasonable item subtleties underneath!

Make a Smokey Eye

As Minnie Mouse has brilliant and emotional elements, one of the really central marks of this Minnie Mouse cosmetics look is the eyes. Start by applying a light earthy colored shade in the wrinkle of the eyes to add some glow, and use windshield wiper movements to mix.

Next, apply a dark shade on the top and smoke out utilizing roundabout windshield wiper movements. Add a profound dark shade to the external v of the eye and utilize a brush to mix. In conclusion, apply a dark and purple sparkle conceal on top of the top to add some radiance and some sparkle fluid eyeshadow to the inward tear pipe space of the eyes.

To wrap up the look, apply a dainty dark winged liner on the two eyelids, a dark liner to the internal base edge, and a couple of layers of dark mascara to the lashes.

Light up the Face + Add Color

Then, apply establishment all around the face utilizing a cosmetics brush, and concealer under the eyes, nose, jaw, and brow region to light up things. Then, warm up the face with some bronzer and apply it to the cheekbones, brow, and nose. From that point onward, utilize a dazzling pink become flushed and apply generously to the apples of the cheeks. These aides give it that genuine animation, mouse-like look.

Apply Mouse Details

This Minnie Mouse cosmetics look wouldn’t be finished with a lovable dark mouse nose and hair! Utilizing dark face paint or dark eyeliner, add a little circle to the furthest limit of the nose and fill it in with the dark. Once filled in, apply a smidgen of white fluid eyeliner on one side of the circle to make it look all the more genuine. Utilizing that equivalent dark face paint, apply three, slight bristles on each side of the nose.

Wrap up With Red Lipstick

To complete this Minnie Mouse cosmetics look off right, apply some splendid, red lipstick to the lips. This adds a pleasant fly of shading, however, coordinates impeccably with the remainder of your red spotted outfit subtleties.


Since we’ve finished the Minnie Mouse cosmetics look, it’s an ideal opportunity to get wearing your delightful Minnie Mouse outfit!

Rather than purchasing a costly outfit I would have presumably just worn once, I chose to DIY my own Minnie Mouse Costume utilizing things I previously had in my storeroom and including fun assistants to finish the look.

The fundamental things you really want are a dark top, this lovable spotted skirt (that is under $12!), dark leggings, dark heels, white gloves, and obviously the notorious Minnie Mouse ears!

This Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume was really simple to put together and I love that the red spotted skirt can undoubtedly be worn consistently.

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