How to Post YouTube Shorts From Your PC

YouTube Shorts are videos that you post to the YouTube site. You can post private or public ones, and you can schedule them. You can also share them to social media and promote them. If you have a small business, YouTube Shorts can help you promote your products and services.


Animaker is a powerful animation software package that enables you to make your own short videos. You can use it to create educational, business, or personal videos. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface and includes an extensive library of images, characters, and audio.

The program also allows you to add background music and sound effects. You can even use a voiceover to convey your message. However, be aware that you can only use a few recordings per month. Animaker includes different scenes to transition between settings or information. These scenes are accessible from the left-hand side of the program’s interface. Selecting a scene will give you a blank canvas to work on, and you can choose a variety of elements to include in it.

You can also choose a theme and color scheme for your video. You can also customize your video by adding a caption or description. You can also add hashtags to help your video get noticed in the shorts section. The next button will let you add a name to your video and add captions. You can also choose to publish your video as unlisted. You can even share it on your PC or other devices via a link.

The first step in creating YouTube shorts is to make sure that the video you’re uploading meets the YouTube criteria. It should be between 15 and 60 seconds in length. It should also contain a hashtag #Shorts, which helps your video get noticed and increase its reach.

Animaker is easy to use, and it has an ample library of media files and characters. It also has a tutorial. Although it’s web-based, it’s easy to figure out how to use the program. Despite its limitations, it’s still an excellent option for creating animated shorts.

Another way to post videos to YouTube is to use an android emulator. This software will allow you to run your android apps on your PC. For this, you’ll need a compatible device and an emulator. Once you’ve installed the application, you’ll be able to access the #shorts section of YouTube. In addition, you can manually customize your channel home feed by mentioning the videos you want to post.

YouTube Shorts

If you want to make a video and want to post it on YouTube, you can upload it directly from your PC. To upload your video, follow these steps: First, open YouTube’s website in a browser. Select Upload to YouTube. From the upload window, choose Shorts from the Video Type drop-down menu. Then, enter a title and description for the video. You may also want to include a hashtag (#shorts) to increase its chances of being recommended. Once you’ve completed all of the necessary steps, upload the video to YouTube. You can also add a playlist. Once you’ve completed this, you can choose a Public or Private audience.

To post your video to YouTube, you can choose to post it in the public or private mode. You can also set the canvas size of your video at 1080×1920 pixels. To post your video, make sure that the title is a suitable one for YouTube Shorts. Next, remember to include the hashtag #shorts in your video title, which will tell the YouTube algorithm which algorithm to send your video to.

You can also upload your video to YouTube in a public or private playlist. Just make sure that you set privacy and audience settings. Once you have done that, click “Next” to upload your video. Once your video is uploaded, you can add the description and add a link. You can also share it to other people by email or Facebook.

YouTube Shorts are videos that are less than six seconds in length. Uploading these videos is a great way to boost your subscribers and views. However, they are not monetizable, so you can’t use them to promote your primary YouTube channel. However, you can still make money through affiliate marketing or selling your own products. You can also make money by creating Instagram reels.

In order to post YouTube Shorts, you need to have a video editing software. If you don’t have one, you can use the free Animaker app for iOS. The app has studio-quality video editing tools and is easy to use.


Canva is a great multipurpose online tool for creating a variety of different things. Its free version compresses videos, and you can resize and move them as needed. You can also add audio to your shorts – simply drag a song from your computer into the Canva window, or use the video tool to select one from the list. Once you have the video in Canva, click on the Download button and it will be converted into an MP4 file.

To create a YouTube short, you’ll need a video template, which you can find on Canva. You can search for “YouTube video” in the search bar to find several templates. Then, select a template and use the options to build your video. You can also use a YouTube video template to post your video to Instagram.

Once you’ve selected a video template, you can edit it with ease. Drag clips and add details. The text in a video is extremely important. Good texts will make a viewer want to watch the video. You can use the text tool in the left side menu to add text to your video. You can choose the font color and size and even add animation to your text. You can use the text tool to make your video look more professional.

Another way to create a video template is to use a website like Canva. The software is easy to use and allows you to upload video files directly from your computer. You must remember to mention #shorts in the description. This way, your video will appear in YouTube’s video section. It’s a good idea to edit your videos before posting them. Once you’ve finished editing, you’ll be ready to upload them to YouTube.

To add audio to a video, you can drag and drop the audio from your computer. You can also add a subscribe button to your video. YouTube doesn’t publish videos that infringe on copyright, so you don’t have to worry about getting banned.

Creating a 9:16 video

If you have a 16:9 television set and want to post your videos to YouTube, you can easily change the aspect ratio to a 9:16 format. This ratio will allow you to display the entire picture without cropping any parts. You can also use the aspect ratio to show certain parts of your video.

Changing the aspect ratio is easy if you know the correct way to crop your videos. Sometimes you may have to crop out the black bars on the sides or insert padding. To create a 9:16 video on YouTube, you must first select a blank canvas and then select the desired aspect ratio (in this case, 9:16). Once you have selected the destination aspect ratio, click on “Make Video.”

Aspect ratio refers to the proportional ratio between the width and height of your video. Some of the most popular aspect ratios are 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, and 9:16. Many media players allow you to change the aspect ratio in real time, but this change is not permanent.

When uploading your videos to YouTube, make sure to include an attractive and engaging description. It will show in search results next to your thumbnail. It is important to include keywords in your description to capture viewers’ attention. In addition, make sure to include a timestamp. This will allow people to easily navigate to your video, and it is also a great way to increase traffic to your website.

If you want to upload your videos to YouTube in a high-quality 9:16 aspect ratio, you can export your videos using free video editing software or an online file compressor. Then, select the desired file name for your video and let Animotica finish the process.

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