How to Remove Fire Damage in Minecraft?

To cripple Fire harm in Minecraft, you should utilize a gamerule order.

Before you can involve orders in Minecraft, you should empower cheats through the choice to do such in the fundamental menu or when you go to make a pristine Minecraft world.

When cheats and orders are empowered, all you want to cause to cripple fire harm is type or reorder/gamerule fireDamage bogus and hit enter.

Doing so will then, at that point, forestall all fire sources from hurting you in the game. This incorporates fire charms, magma, fire charges and rock and stone, and such.

If you have any desire to involve this order for a server, you should simply find your Server control center and glue or type a similar order in, and it will make a similar end result, very much like with client-side games.

Be that as it may, to return the progressions made to fire harm, you should simply reorder/gamerule fireDamage yet rather than bogus sort valid toward the end.

Generally speaking, we suggest utilizing this order on the off chance that you disdain losing things in magma, as it is consistently an agony to pass on that way, at the same time, it might demonstrate too cheaty for certain players.

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