How to Unlock Agent Coulson in Marvel Strike Force (2022)

With his different buffs, Agent Coulson is a sought-after unit for any S.H.I.E.L.D. group. Incidentally, an occasion will make cultivating for him simply, yet there are two techniques players can use to get Agent Coulson without one. Both include playing the Blitz mode, where players can open Agent Coulson in Marvel Strike Force.

Being one of the more flexible characters to claim in Marvel Strike Force, the strong Agent Phil Coulson of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. the distinction is a magnificent expansion to a crew loaded with Hero, Avenger, or SHIELD types. Even better, his Night-Night Gun and EMP Punch assaults both cause north of 100% harm, and just get more grounded once stepped up. Like with most characters, players should gather 100 shards for Agent Coulson only for the capacity to enroll him. Fortunately, the game offers three one of a kind ways of cultivating these.

Buy Coulson through Blitz

For those who’ve worked their direction high into the positions of the game’s Blitz mode, the quickest way they will actually want to acquire Agent Coulson is through Blitz’s Supplies tab. It is here where you can buy five of Coulson’s shards all at once for 500 Blitz Credits – the money acquired while advancing through the mode. In aggregate, you’ll have to save and gather a fabulous all out of 10,000 Blitz Credits to add the SHIELD part to your list.

Marvel Strike Force

Complete achievements for Orb Fragments

The other two techniques for getting Agent Coulson’s shards is by spending either Blitz Orb Fragments or Milestone II Orb Fragments in the Orb Chamber. As you should procure Blitz Fragments by advancing through the mode, Milestone II Orb Fragments can be acquired by just spending gold or playing any of the stages in Campaign.

Despite the fact that, contrasted with purchasing Coulson’s shards through Blitz Credits, this cycle might take some time longer. As you should burn through 2,000 of these Fragment types to utilize the Orb Chamber, the three prizes it will offer you as a trade off will be indiscriminate. Moreover, similar to Blitz’s Supplies tab, the Orb Chamber can concede players five shards for Agent Coulson at a time.

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