How to Unlock Both True Endings in Sucker for Love Chapter 1

In Sucker for Love, your associations with the different eldritch creatures you run over don’t simply have ramifications for you. They influence all of humankind and life in whole aspects. However, that is what you pursue when you sentiment the old divine beings.

Every section in the game has numerous various results in view of the choices you make en route, with Chapter 1 having two choices to look over. You can either focus on Ln’eta by playing out the Final Pledge, consequently taking the last venture of all humankind in your existence. Or then again you can cut off your association with your eldritch date and return to the real world, or whatever is left of it.

Good (Enough) End

To get this closure, alongside (ideally) your one kiss from Ln’eta, the means are really direct. When you effectively escape from the real world, simply follow the means Ln’eta gives you. Play out the Dark Communion custom, switch out every one of the lights so Ln’eta can rest, and afterward play out the Final Pledge custom.


To end your madness and get once again to your existence, you’ll need to assume control over issues and end things with Ln’eta. To do this, first, play out the Dark Communion custom. Then, at that point, when you switch out every one of the lights and Ln’eta nods off, turn around to the page in her book that gives guidelines on the custom Breakup.

Love Chapter 1

Adhere to the directions for Breakup to pick up and move on and return to what in particular’s left of your home aspect. Ideally, Ln’eta doesn’t take the separation excessively hard.

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