When is Diona’s birthday in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, every one of the playable characters has a birthday that gives extraordinary prizes to voyagers over the course of the year. Diona praises her birthday on January 18. The birthday mail contains a composed letter by Diona and a few other exceptional prizes. You’ll get 10 Luminescent Spines, and 1 Definitely Not Bar Food!

Diona Katzlein, the well known barkeep at Cat’s Tail, is praising her birthday in Genshin Impact. Similar to different characters in the game, she has additionally sent an in-game mail to the players, giving them materials and food.

With the 2.4 updates, miHoYo executed another framework inside the in-game mail, where each message from the characters will go to a different segment. This is known as the “Gift Mailbox” which can be gotten to from the highest point of the main screen.

When is Diona’s birthday in Genshin Impact?

The Luminescent Spine is a unique material that can be utilized in creating. It doesn’t make it into a lot, yet you can right now utilize it to make Portable Waypoints, which are extraordinary Teleport Waypoints that you can put anyplace in the overworld for a brief time. In the interim, the Definitely Not Bar Food! is a food thing that resuscitates a person and reestablishes 10% of Max HP, then, at that point, reestablishes 150 extra HP.

Diona’s birthday mail

Diona has an exceptional directive for the voyagers and the message is named “This is for you!”. In her message, the 4-star character depicts how she went to get fireflies to make the absolute most nauseating mixed drink ever to frighten off the drunkards. Players may definitely realize that Diona tries to avoid drunkards by any means.

Genshin Impact

Afterward, she uncovers that the acting of getting fireflies was so entertaining to her that she didn’t wish to stop. She inquires as to whether they like sparkling things or not and further requests that they go with her to her birthday festivity.

Diona’s Birthday Letter

Hello, hello! I got a ton of shimmering fireflies in the beyond a couple of days, there are so many that I can’t squeeze them all into my pack!

Toward the start, I simply needed to add a couple to the shaker to make the absolute most sickening mixed drink to frighten those drunkards. However, the most common way of getting fireflies was such a lot of fun that I was unable to stop… It’s not my issue! Indeed, even my tail thinks in this way, it continues to swing around without my control…

Ahem! cough Do you like sparkly things? Um… Anyway, it’s everything for you!

To say thanks to me, recently come and commend my birthday with me. I will adorn the room ahead of time with the excess Small Lamp Grass, Butterfly Wings, and Starconches…

You need to come!


The prizes for the players incorporate 10 Luminescent Spine and 1 “Most certainly not bar food!”. Brilliant Spines are utilized to make a convenient waypoint which is extremely helpful for voyagers. Different things required are 1 Dead Ley Line Leaves, 5 Crystal Chunk, and 500 Mora.

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