Where to get Luminescent Spine in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a game that has a stack heap of materials that you can view as in the realm of Teyvat. With each update that occurs, they are going to an ever increasing extent, and the utilization for past materials that had no utilization might become indispensable later on.

Brilliant Spine is one of the numerous things that players should cultivate up in Genshin Impact. Gotten from little fireflies can be tracked down drifting around the areas of Mondstadt and northern Liyue. As a result of the idea of the animals, it is a lot simpler to chase them down in the evening.

Players should be cautious, in any case. Assuming that you run or run toward the fireflies, they will be scared and extreme to get. All things considered, simply stroll at them and communicate with them when provoked to get the Luminescent Spines.

  • Stormbearer Point
  • West of Thousand Winds Temple
  • East of Springvale
  • East of Dawn Winery
  • West of Qingce Village

The Luminescent Spine is utilized to make Floaty Splodys and Portable Waypoints.

The light-transmitting part of a firefly. Utilized for romance, and in medication to assist with recuperating strength.

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