Why is My Character Missing in Lost Ark?

While Lost Ark has absolutely caused a lot of promotion driving into the delivery in the United States, Europe, and different nations, it has surely had a tumultuous send off. While they deferred the full delivery that was intended to occur at 9 am PT, it was then at last delivered at 2:15pm… or so we thought. It seems as though there are still some issues with the game, and this one is more disturbing on the grounds that players aren’t observing the characters they had made as of now when they got into the game.

Regardless of how much a game plans for its delivery period, it’s beyond difficult to accomplish that smooth/perfect send off. However Lost Ark can be in top shape as far as ongoing interaction, its servers battled to stay aware of the gigantic convergence of players, making the designer lock a portion of the servers.

Getting into a packed server will be its very own test, and there have likewise been players announcing their characters missing. The issue by and large gets seen when players can’t observe their characters on the server where they originally made them during their second login.

During the Lost Ark send off, the servers had a couple of mistakes while attempting to kick things off. Initially, Lost Ark was intended to send off on February 11 on Steam allowed to play, however, the designers ran into a couple of issues and needed to postpone it. Nonetheless, following a couple of hours, things returned on the web. Tragically, a small bunch of players saw that their characters were missing when they did. This is what you want to be familiar with why your personality is missing Lost Ark.

At the present time, it has to do with the engineers at Lost Ark. They’ve been endeavoring to manage organization issues on their side, and keeping in mind that the servers were disconnected for a short time frame, they needed to get ready for the approaching players going to bounce into the game. Not every one of the first characters was moved over when exchanged back on. Fortunately, engineers Smilegate were made mindful of the issue soon after turning the servers on the web and are tending to it.

Because of ensuring each of the characters is gotten back to players, the designers turned the servers disconnected to resolve the issue. We don’t have the foggiest idea how long this will take, yet we suggest logging out of the game and afterward back into it to check whether your missing person returns. The group ought to be attempting to deal with this issue, however assuming the servers return on the web and your personality is as yet missing, we prescribe contacting the Smilegate support group. We envision a couple of players might keep on experiencing these issues once the servers are back on the web.

You’ll need to document this ticket straightforwardly with the help group and try to reach them for additional help.

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